2019 – 2020 Branch Officers

President –  Lindell Edwards

Vice-President (Program):  Sue Richmond

Vice-President (Membership):  Dr. Sandra Purifoy

Secretary: Delia Flynn

Treasurer:  Melinda Martinez  318-730-1893

2018 – 2019 Branch Officers

President –  Vacant

Vice-President (Program):  Dr. Pat Barber

Vice-President (Membership):  Dr. Sandra Purifoy

Secretary: Delia Flynn

Treasurer:  Melinda Martinez  318-730-1893


2017 – 2018 Branch Officers

President –  Gloria Hearn 318-487-2800

President Elect: Rosemary Robertson-Smith, 318-427-4450 (will take office July, 2018)   

Vice-President Co-Chairs (Program):  Dr. Pat Barber   and Haylee Malone

Vice-President (Membership):  Dr. Sandra Purifoy

Secretary:  Delia Flynn

Treasurer:  Melinda Martinez  318-730-1893

Webmaster – Lisa West

2016-2017 Branch Officers

President –  Gloria Hearn, 318-640-5474

Vice President for Membership – Pam Todd, 318-447-7815

Vice President for Programs – Rosemary Robertson-Smith, 318-427-4450 

TreasurerMelinda Martinez  318-730-1893

Secretary – Lindell Edwards, 318-765-9375

Trip – Dr. Pat Barber

Webmaster – Lisa West

LSUA Student Sponsers:  Dr. Sandra Purifoy & Dr. Amy Bain

LA College Sponsers:  Dr. Beth Christian & Dr. Tylitha Whatley

Past President – Betty Conner, 318-445-7586


 President:  Vivian Guillory, Baton Rouge Branch  (2 years)

V. P. for Programs: Aileen Hendricks, Baton Rouge Branch (2 years)

V. P. for Membership: Joan Houghton-Bonds, Baton Rouge Branch (1 year)

Secretary: Mary McGehee, Baton Rouge Branch (2 years)

Treasurer: Pam Baldwin, Baton Rouge Branch (1 year)

Nominating Committee:  Jan Koellen, Baton Rouge Branch  (1 year) and Gwen Jenkins, North Louisiana Branch (1 year)

Public Policy Co-chairs:  Camille Moran, Alexandria-Pineville Branch and Belinda Janeski, Greater New Orleans Branch

College/University Partner Relations: Dee Shedrick, Greater New Orleans Branch