AAUW Newsletter August, 2016

Mark your calendar now for the first meeting of our year, Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016.  We have special guests from Baton Rouge, who will review a new book of special interest because of the effects of the environment on man’s behavior and also the effects of man’s behavior on the environment.  This is in keeping with our theme for the year, which is “Knowing and Using Our Resources in a Positive Way”, which is our way of carrying out the emphasis in AAUW for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).  We will meet at the Hule-Dellmon House, which is a part of the Rapides Parish Library system now (across from the Main Library).  The address is 430 St. James in the downtown area.  We will arrive by 10a for coffee and visitation, with a short tour of the place with Jonathan as our guide.  Dr. Darlyne Nemeth and Dr. Thomas Hamilton will present the program beginning at 10:30 and conclude with a Q&A session.  They are not charging us for this, so we think it is appropriate for us to take them to lunch at the Cottage Restaurant.  Any of our members are welcome to be a part of this lunch so we can have a bit of fun along the way.

Dr. Nemeth is a prominent psychologist, who will be the keynote speaker for the World Health Organization when they meet in Russia next spring.  Dr. Hamilton is retired from LSU where he was the major professor of Orinthology and continues his service in the area for birdwatchers.  If you have friends who are birdwatchers, feel free to invite them to this special presentation.

Dues were due on July 1, 2016.  We are late in getting our dues in, as we did not have a Treasurer; but we elected Melinda Martinez to that position at our Open Board Meeting at Louisiana College on June 21.  She has been busy trying to get us on board with the dues and all other financial matters.  If you have not paid your dues, please do so asap, so we can be up to date.  We have most of the dues, but if yours are not paid, we would appreciate your payment soon.  Local dues are $5, state dues are $12, and the national dues are $49, making a total of $66.  You may make your check payable to ‘Alexandria/Pinevile AAUW’ and mail to: Melinda Martinez; 1503 Oakland; Pineville, LA  71360.  We appreciate Melinda taking this on for us!

Our Program Chairperson, Rosemary Robertson Smith, met with several members of our group to discuss the needs and interests for programs for the year ahead and made some very practical and timely suggestions.  We are thrilled to announce that both Louisiana College and LSUA have come on board with student advisors for the students.  Hopefully, we can do some things that will assist them in their venture!  Sponsors are Dr. Sandra Purifoy and Dr. Abby Bain for LSUA.  Sponsors for Louisiana college are Dr. Beth Christian and Dr. Typlitha Whatley.  They will be trying to get a voter registration going at both campuses.  This is non-political, but we believe it is imperative that we encourage the students to register to vote and become knowledgeable about the process.  Roy Dufore has offered to help in any way for the LSUA students.  Ms. Helen Moore has offered to assist LC in any way.

We are trying to get all of our hostesses lined up for the new year.  The Book Review Group is going to be the hostess for our September 3rd meeting.  LSUA will be our hostess for the Technology workshop on the campus at a date TBD.  You will receive additional information later.  You may bring your cell phones, laptop, notebook, etc.  and get hands-on help.

Lisa West, our webmaster, may be available to help you utilize our website more easily.  Melinda Martinez can help you navigate the state and national websites, as well  In addition, we will have those who teach computer/technology at LSUA with us for special help in their labs.  This should be a very profitable experience for all.

Lindell Edwards has offered to put a yearbook together for those who would like a quick reference to our membership and programs.  Please be sure to pick up your yearbook at our September meeting.  We will not ‘charge’ for this, but it would be nice if you could put in a dollar or so to help defray the cost of printing.

Don’t forget to regularly use this website to keep up with our local, state, and national events.

We need to elect a ‘Nominating Committee’ and it would be nice to have someone edit the newsletter.